How to write an Amazon Appeal Letter

Background Knowledge:

When your Amazon Seller Account is suspended, there is a very specific set of steps and intricacies that are needed to reinstate your account with a properly written appeal letter and/or plan of action.

While the list is growing at a significant rate, there is indeed a limited list of reasons an Amazon Seller can be suspended. That list would currently include:

  1. High Order Defect Rate

  2. Late Shipment Rate

  3. Pre-Fulfillment Cancellations

  4. Linked Accounts

  5. Forged Documents

  6. Safety Complaints

  7. Inauthentic Claims

  8. Counterfeit Claims

  9. Trademark Infringement

  10. Copyright Infringement

  11. IP Counterfeit Infringement 

  12. Review Manipulation

  13. Amazon Flex Issues

  14. Seller Account Hostility

Each of these reasons hold their own weight and significance in Amazon's eyes, and they need to be addressed adequately. This means each suspension is unique and needs to be addressed as such. We at Amazon Sellers Protection, ensure that each one of our appeals is written bespoke to each case we take on. We also ensure that we utilize our experience and expertise to not only handle the original plan of action for you but also help you through the entire appeal process and follow up appeals.


# 1: Proper Plan of Action (POA) Structure:

The format for your plan of action (POA) should follow this simple criteria:


A) What went wrong


B) What we have done to fix the problems (in an immediate sense)


C) What we have done to prevent the problems from happening again in the future




#2) Key Items to Include:


  • Make sure that you address any and all issues Amazon had with your Seller account.

  • Make sure that your plan solves all of the problems they mention.

  • Be TRANSPARENT - Amazon has key data on you and your Amazon Seller Account. They know all of the relevant facts surrounding your case and it is only beneficial to include any and all information about your case. Being truthful helps in many ways and none more than the fact that you can address your issue adequately and get in front fo what you are doing to protect your business from these problems in the future.




#3) What NOT to Include:

  • Don't include a bunch of extraneous verbiage.

  • Don't talk about yourself or your business unless it is requested. Amazon wants the simple facts and to the point fixes.

  • Don't address problems that Amazon did not bring up.


#4) Other things to do and not to do when drafting your Amazon Plan of Action (POA)


  • Be patient. Amazon is in no hurry to reinstate you.


  • Do not bombard Amazon with status requests. This will not only take it longer for you to get a response, but also decrease the chances your seller account is reinstated.

  • Do not make things worse than they already are, e.g. by refusing to ship open orders until Amazon reinstates you. By continuing to fulfill your orders on time and establish good customer service will show Amazon you are serious and show as an act of good faith. It goes a long way and Amazon will weigh that heavily in their decision in your appeal decision.


  • Make real changes in how you operate so that you are not suspended again. This means that whether you write it or you hire us to write your amazon appeal letter, make the changes we outline in your appeal and suggest that you make on your account. We have had vast experience in this field, reinstated thousands of Amazon Sellers and are Amazon Sellers ourselves. We understand what Amazon is looking for and the sustained success of our customers is our goal.


  • And if you get reinstated -- congratulations -- but don't just say "Hey, I got back on, no need to change anything" . . . or one day you will be back here again. Being successful on Amazon is a constant battle of making improvements and sometimes that even means expanding and diversifying your business/store to multiple marketplaces and platforms.

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3. A set of instructions on what settings to change on your account

4. Further emails to Amazon (up to 5 after initial response from Amazon)

5. Any Escalation Assistance Needed

6. Around the Clock Support from your dedicated account specialist via email, text and phone

7. Over 7 years worth of experience, knowledge and expertise in helping Amazon sellers accounts get reinstated

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