Things Amazon Sellers Should be Thinking About: Suspected Intellectual Property Violations

Amazon's new seller dashboard has more complexities that most sellers are not staying on top of. This provides an insight into many more aspects of your seller account that, if utilized and paid attention to, can save your account.

Example #1: Suspected Intellectual Property Violations

This is a relatively new aspect of the seller dashboard and we have seen first hand from our clients (post-suspension) that these go unattended to.

Previously Amazon would suspend a sellers account at the first sniff of a IP violation or complaint. This however, is giving sellers additional warning as to listings that Amazon is reviewing on your account. Every single one of them should be addressed in a timely manner as this is the first stage of a suspension for an IP violation or counterfeit claim suspension.

Unless you are dealing with a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown from a brand owner registered through the USPTO, you have a chance to act on these potential violations before it can hurt your account (and you should do so).

All it takes is a proper POA, the presentation of invoices, and letters of authorization. Although, should you not have any of those for a particular reason, like the fact that you utilize dropshipping as a business model, you would best delete those ASINs immediately and move forward with a POA to Amazon.

A Quick Note on Dropshipping on Amazon:

Nobody encounters the sheer number of Suspected IP Violations than those who practice a dropshipping or retail arbitrage business model. While this is undoubtedly one of the most popular business models currently on Amazon and the one that opened the doors of selling on Amazon to an entire new demographic, this has become a dying business model on Amazon.

Amazon has already implemented this into their policies as something that they do not condone. And with the updates in their AI algorithm and the inevitable mass release of their Project Zero AI, these sellers will have a significant obstacle to face if they do not start making plans.

Yes, you may be able to operate tentatively for the foreseeable future, but you may have obstacles along the way.

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