A-to-Z Claim Series: Post #1- What do you know about A-to-Z Claims as an Amazon Seller?

The number one reason for High Order Defect Rates (ODR) to be above 1% are A-to-Z claims made by customers. More often than not this subsequently causes a performance related suspension of Amazon Seller accounts.

The most important factor when determining how to respond to an A-Z claim is the claim title.

There are 2 main types:

1. “Items Not Received”

2. “Items Not As Described”

You should know, that buyers (or Amazon Customer Support) are often selecting the incorrect claim title and mentioning a completely different issue in the claim comments, therefore making it difficult to submit a proper response. Therefore, a careful consideration of the order must be made prior to attempting to fight it.

Also, buyers are able to appeal the claim decision and update their story anytime. For example by claiming that the item arrived damaged after losing an “Items Not Received” claim or by stating that the goods were never received when being asked by Amazon to return them in order to get their money back.

For this reason, your claim representations almost should always address both claim types to ensure that Amazon will not simply refund the buyer after the story gets changed.

All responses should be written in a very clear, polite language to ensure that overseas Amazon reps will understand them. There are no accusations or insults towards Amazon or buyers. Often times proof is needed but this additionally will work in a pinch without any need to submit proof pictures, videos, contact the Seller Support or report the buyers.

Always remember: Amazon is a customer-centric marketplace and there is not a doubt about it. Therefore you must always approach anything from the perspective that "the customer is always right" because that is how Amazon sees it.

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