Protect Your Account

Hire a full-time ASP account manager to help you comply with Amazon's ever-changing policies.


Guarantee yourself that you get the absolute best chance to be reinstated should you ever find your seller account or ASINs suspended.

Essentially, you have Amazon Seller Account Suspension Insurance for as low as $14.99/mo

In addition you can get:

  1. Expert A-to-Z Claim Removal Assistance

  2. Expert Negative Review Removal

  3. Account Metric Compliance Assistance

  4. Monthly Inventory Audits

  5. Account Coaching from Industry Professionals


By the Numbers

While the number of Amazon Sellers is continuously increasing, almost every seller deals with Negative Reviews, A-to-Z Claims, Issues with their Seller Metrics, and/or performance/policy violations that subsequently causes ASINs or the entire account to be suspended.

*These are averaged numbers based off of data analysis, reports released by Amazon and extrapolation of datasets by market researchers.



Our main feature included in all of ASP's Account Protection Services, is Account and ASIN Suspension Coverage.

Essentially, all subscribers have ASP on retainer and if your account and or any ASINs are suspended, we will use our vast expertise as leading appeal experts to fight for you.

This is a service that usually ranges from $399-$2000, but you get it for as low as $14.99/mo.


Depending on your plan, you will have an Amazon Sellers Protection (ASP) account manager on your side at all times. They will help you ensure that your account is compliant with Amazon's policies as well as provide you appeal services for no additional cost should you encounter it.

  1. Account Suspension Coverage

  2. Monthly Inventory Audits

  3. A-to-Z Claim Removal

  4. Negative Review Removal